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Chinese tourists travel to the United States a few years ago when the store is usually seen queuing up must be Coach Outlets door. Coach in China at that time still is a popular advocate of white-collar workers overseas luxury brands, but the last two years, michael kors handbags become light luxury market's most irresistible dark horse, quietly occupy every street in New York.

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Want to get into the fashion industry leaders brand new media operators who are numerous, but I never thought this opportunity so heavenly pie generally fell I hit this one did not fashion background two new media marketing work experience who is a foreigner. As the headquarters of the only Chinese people, when I was 23 years old brought to a high level, I always feel that their life is luck estimated the drop in it.

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When others to "fashion" label attached to my head, I always feel ashamed. When I joined a bumpkin, I remember wearing a down jacket wrapped bear and James Gray's boots, like a three yellow as sliced ​​cold chicken standing among a group of the same feel quite "chicken stand cranes," Finally, I rely on a "fake it until youmake it" (keeping the loading force, until one day no longer loaded up) wisdom supporting the fragile glass heart was sinking.

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Admission before my boss is a quite well known bloggers, she was named by Forbes 30under30 (30 30-years of age outstanding female), but definitely a wonderful work. I saw her when she was like a wall like big cousin,cheap michael kors sale laughing very forthright, bold look so I can not help but have a strong favorable impression on her, that her work must be very happy together. Sure enough, later as expected, she gives me inspiration in life is really unprecedented.

In short end of the time of the story is: we fall in love, have found each other's eyes light passion shining like deep, so hit it off, bang bang bang, the inner surface she took me over two weeks VP and SVP, put me to receive a .

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MK work at the time of the year and eight months - that is, on Friday, to be my last day MK career. Yes, I decided to go to California to pursue another dream and dedication. That day I left my colleagues say this year after eight months you can get on top of three years.

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I nodded and look at all the projects I've done, from Taiwan to cheap michael kors Shanghai to Chengdu and then a variety of day and night and the debate team and complete "impossible task", had become a day really feel section Devil Wears Michael Kors (MK wear fashion devil).

I am a very special role in the MK, While living in New York, but the management of the Asia-Pacific region, is the main one of the largest in the Greater China market.

I have to say, MK leader in digital is very, thought to set up a special office to specialize in the Asia-Pacific market, China.

If you go in America, you will find the road everywhere MK bag, MK actually more famous for its watches. A lot of people are very confused as to why this American brand was founded a few years will be able to dominate the US light luxury market?

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This issue has been hanging in my brain, so it became the company I wanted to join this cause. Needless to say, Michael, participated in Project Runway and he added that he and the brightest star in the show games Tucao relationship wisdom, let him easily in the American heart to establish that he is a "women's fashion designer girlfriends," the brand image .

But what really blew michael kors outlet United States is its innovative and creative marketing.

New media era, in terms of the degree of freedom or dissemination, marketing has reached unprecedented effect, the original brand wants to send voice through the media, so had to relate to media investments, and now social media has established a self-media platform. The biggest feature of the new media is its "viral spread" of a second pass, the second pass of the propagation velocity of the three make an interesting idea can instantly detonated the globe.

So MK taught me in the end what is it?

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First of all, what you want to bravely, "tear force," English is the Speak up!

A feature of MK famous is its mixed-media advertising, we do not rattle rattle rattle Bash money to traditional media or advertising, but voted in the top social media. This decision led to a big reason why I'm the boss "to" dare "tear."

My boss before joining Michael Kors is one pair of social networking is full of love for photographer Gabo Lord, when other brands are still immersed in the traditional media, she bravely rushed to the front of our CEO with her blood and speeches noted It must be put into social media, but also to cast a lot of money. It was reported that the owner said she was crazy when she was still persistent protect her theory.

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When Instagram appeared, we all thought it was just a platform for sharing photos when she shouted this is a future full potential of social networking tools, we must be the first to go up the brand. The company's leaders have questioned her, against her, but she stood up again and again, eventually the time to explain everything, Michael Kors became the first official advertising of brands in its platform, by numerous media reports of its "foresight" and "novelty."

When others are still significantly lower Instagram po clear and "official" pictures when she came to the CEO for a budget specifically for the production of high-definition fine but appropriate social media content in circulation, she went to her personally satisfied photography team, Like horses, like the development of a new talent, hands-on guide for each shot, the heart has been involved in every picture, even willing to decorum and the company's creative team she must adhere to her philosophy.

Boss taught me the first thing is to "dare and people forced to tear." Her exact words that "You need to be confident and have faith in whatever you aredoing. You need to speak up and constantly educate people because you know the best.".

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She often said to me, 'I do not need a silent manager, I need an opinionated and bold leader (full views have their own ideas and brave man) told me with her confidence, she had her convinced that the way to succeed. " In the United States the company, the more ideas more people be respected.

If there is an idea, do not say the words that it loses its meaning. If you are not confident to speak out your mind, then it shows that you yourself do not grasp. How many times to others in "noisy" sound compromise you have thought only to speak out, it will really achieve?

Asians will easily get in the workplace because of shyness and language disadvantage, but because my boss inspiration, I always tear better than the Americans, called louder. I have prepared a tear, with digital evidence torn, torn happy, tear beautifully.

Behind the brand is established humane ideas and intentions.

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Good fake michael kors bags sales do not let you perceive that he was "selling." Do not think your media platform is a tool you sell products, but to believe that this is a brand in itself, as the intentions of the designers themselves to fans of storytelling platform, it is a person, you are also my story. Social networks need creative and traditional platforms and different users prefer not to see the model's face is not kept commercialization "You come to buy you come to buy", the user would like to see it is organic-to-life and into the maps and text of their lives, to communicate with them. Social networking charm is that she is so humane and resonance technology.

In order to develop the best content, the boss of our team has created a fast-paced world of social media, everyone in our team every day to spend time together to talk and entertainment and cultural trends recent events,michael kors online will see the most popular videos of the day together, will be open dance music together, each of us is crazy social media, once every five minutes we should brush various social networks, for the latest hash tag and other creative brands are well aware, we are like a present in the Michael Kors in the Creative agency Like live, breathe in a world of social networking, we have a good idea as crazy cheering together, we will be lying on the floor together storyboard will stimulate each other's creativity, when you see each other's eyes twinkle when you I know this is a source of inspiration.

Good team like a small start-up companies, and our CEO is our VC.

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Fashion is a fun industry, it is not so much selling consumer products do not need excessive pressure to follow the market, the fashion gives you a platform to lead the trend, to build the brand, do it "cool" brand, so we have the freedom to pursue the things that we really love our favorite things from the heart must be humane, and humanity will surely be loving fans.

We hear intern chat like-to-know-it this app lets users buy wholesale michael kors products see on instagram, we immediately do belong to Michael Kors's like-to-know-it.

Each of us in this company is a bold idea and presented it to achieve warrior. We created not to sell, is a real love. After all people are human beings, we all like to see something interesting and creative, do not like to see ads.

Of course, the Chinese social media vs fake michael kors US social media, absolutely not the same thing.

Similarly a strategy to move to the United States directly from China can not be work. Apart from cultural differences not said that China has a completely different set of social network system, it is creating a completely different strategy and user experience.

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United States attaches great importance to social networking user experience, the use of large data and user habits constantly optimized. Now landing on Facebook, your "something new" is completely automated content you want to see emerge depending on the user's habits. Similarly, Facebook / Instagram the Account Manager will be responsible for the brand, the brand side regularly to provide advice, given the brand a perfect platform to present their ideas, so that the brand has become a fan of "friend", rather than " advertise. " America has many users are willing to follow brands to see their news delivery, Chinese real number of users follow replica michael kors brands? Anyway, I think not much, but Chinese people like to follow those KOL, from the media.

Under China compared to the larger environment, microblogging users in the past two years has been down, and now everyone is directly into the micro-blog to see when the news, look at the latest hot spot, keywords, and news and see the usual attention that several accounts on the bin a. Figure brand hair usually pass the thick "promotion" atmosphere, a rare few who say that if the account (such as Coca-Cola, like Durex is still very good!) In the micro-Bo, if not an already high High quality loyal fans by media accounts or effect, to let others see your microblogging have their own money to find someone to vote exposure.

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But leaving aside these differences and subtle tactic on conversion --- who in the final analysis are all human, we all like to see something interesting and creative, do not like to see ads. Why do some KOL so popular? Because they are true, close to the Chinese people have to live, interesting helpful. But many foreign "official" brand account or is unable to escape the foreign "do not understand China," the idol burden had hard loaded to force, or else can not get rid of China's "buy buy buy" cliche breath microblogging promotion, there is little do real social. But have to say, the rise of the past two years to a micro-channel brand many new ideas of space, micro-channel open API's, O2O support gave the brand a chance to do more creative, a time spread of H5 also let me dumbfounded . Nice recent years is the rise of the brand to bring a new Chinese version of Instagram opportunities.

The complexity of the Chinese market, so that in the United States replica michael kors handbags to do something very pure social networking becomes particularly complicated, but I always believe that in the final analysis though creativity is culturally relevant, but it is also universal in.

In this year, I was the biggest beneficiary of Michael Kors, I learn from the United States brand team here, learn the most authentic creativity, ideas and fashion. I learn from the Chinese market, China team, learning the local strategy. Because of my unique position, I also have many opportunities to create my own campaign, intermediate process is bitter but more sweet. For me personally, I learned more on fashion gratitude.

Good fashion is life, and the people's hearts.

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My good based Friends once said: "A lot of people think that fashion is a luxury michael kors bags, is to show off, but they do not know is that fashion is a convenience."

I always wondered why it is convenient? Later I came to understand because fashion is beautiful. Simple and noble beauty Let us all heart and mind. Good fashion is life, and the people, noble beautiful and very pleasant service.

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I was a marketing major economic background, who are to think what to do sell, but after I learned stylish finish from the heart to create a wonderful thing and do what I really love to believe that the campaign, will attract to really high quality fans.

I write to you, I am ashamed of this article does not have any dry or chicken. But I always felt that skills are very easy to pick up the hard technologies, such as microblogging believe in the end how to operate, on Taobao to spend some money can buy, in the end how to do marketing, then look at a few examples of multi-brand Aspect Journal of Multiple Zhaoxie Ren can learn to ask questions.

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However, between creativity and delivery, I chose the focus is on content, which is a creative concept which information is passed, it must poke your pain points, it needs to have soul. The establishment of an entire ecosystem requires human design michael kors outlet, this is the essence of marketing, but also the most difficult to place. You look at Apple, it really has superb technology? In fact, no, but that is because it is user-friendly design and service, as well as the pursuit of beauty, it is only the effect of religion today. Is this quintessence began tracking lets you choose a brand, fell in love with it. Like you love someone, because you finally saw his soul.

Fashion belongs to each of us, I would like you to read this article, starting today to life some more courage and energy to make the best of themselves.

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